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Dear Son,

I just finished my last session of radiation therapy this morning and am now in a healing period. The radiation is like being cooked on the inside by a microwave oven.

A few people are amazed I can still play tennis but playing helps. It keeps me active and the doctors feel it is good therapy. These young bucks think they can beat me, but I still shock a few and this verifies my thinking that I am tough enough.

I have not had too many side effects, but I get tired. I am in good shape, but no one can tell if the tumor is diminished until they take X-rays.

I have lost quite a bit of weight. I look svelte at 150 pounds. So far, no women have attacked me. But I live on hope.

The doctors worry that the radiation might cause more problems than it solves. They said something about thinning my internal organs and bleeding from my stomach. I said I’d take my chances.

I’ve enjoyed not working. I keep busy with tennis, domestic chores, reading, picking up them apples so I could mow the lawn. I’ve washed the walls and ceilings in the kitchen, and a myriad of other foolish things. I keep fighting, moving, and am full of faith and hope (piss and vinegar).

Basically, I’m a very happy guy.

The more I think about dying, the more I want my life to be a positive statement. I’d be lying if I told you I had no regrets and I’d be lying again if I told you you won’t have any of your own. I know one thing though. You just keep taking your chances on living.

Written by

Shillman Research Fellow for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis. His opinions are his own.

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